Circular from Barley via Pendle Hill and Ogden Clough Reservoirs

Parking: Car park in Barley (grid reference 823403)
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Directions: Get road directions to the parking place here (nearest available location by postcode: BB12 9JX)
Map: Ordnance Survey - Explorer OL 041 (Forest of Bowland and Ribblesdale)
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Distance: 4¾ miles (7.6 km)
Grade: 2-B

Turn right out of the car park and continue up to the give way sign. Cross the road and continue straight ahead down the road opposite following brown sign to "Barley Green" at the side of Barley Village Hall. The road is also signed "Bridleway to Ogden Clough" on a separate sign. Continue down and enter the private road which passes to the left of the Barley Water Treatment Works. There is a sign stating no unauthorised vehicles, but this is the footpath. Continue along this road following the line of water which is coming down from the reservoirs.

Road by Lower Ogden ReservoirPast the treatment works the road begins to climb and passes to the right of some trees. On reaching Lower Ogden Reservoir, the road flattens and follows the edge of it, heading off in the distance for Upper Ogden Reservoir, the end of which can now be seen ahead. Just before the road leaves the reservoir, go over the stile with "public footpath" written on it, and continue ahead on the road.

Upper Ogden ReservoirThe road again rises and flattens upon passing between trees on the right and a wall on the left. The road now becomes un-metalled. With Upper Ogden Reservoir almost directly in front, the road splits. Take the left fork heading for the dam. On reaching the edge of the dam, go over the stile in the wall and head up the steep lane on the right-hand side of the dam. Continue on the grass track between the wall and the fence on the right-hand side of the reservoir. Go through the kissing gate and carry along the well defined track down the side of the reservoir.

View back over Upper Ogden ReservoirUpon leaving the reservoir, continue in the same direction up the valley. Go through the next kissing gate in the wall by the stream and as the path splits, head off upwards diagonally right on the well defined path through the bracken away from the stream initially, but keeping bending round quickly to again continue onwards up the valley almost parallel with the stream, but about 50 feet above it.

The path continues along crosses a small stream and as it begins to rise it passes a piece of wooden fencing (5 posts long with 2 cross bars) and a path appears to go up from behind it. Ignore this path - it has been fenced off to prevent further erosion. Continue along the footpath for approximately a further sixty yards until a footpath sign is reached made up of two arrows, one of which points directly up the hill. On the footpath sign, there are yellow Pendle Witches painted, as this footpath is part of the Pendle Way. Head directly up the hill away from the stream on the very well worn footpath, heading for another sign visible on the horizon. On reaching this sign continue in the same direction on the path up through the heather.

About forty yards past that sign, the footpath momentarily descends to cross a small stream, before continuing onwards and upwards. After the stream, the path bends round to the left and on the horizon another Pendle Way footpath sign is visible. Continue along Barley Moor past this sign and along the very well worn path (now five to six feet wide). A further hundred yards on, another sign is passed and the path continues onwards not so well defined following just to the right of the stream-bed. At the next signpost (about one hundred yards further on), the path has begun to turn away right from the stream. Follow the arrow up the hill almost directly away from the stream. The path now crosses very open moor land and follows small line of cairns. On looking backwards as the path is climbed, the East Lancashire Valley is to the left, with the wind-farm visible on the horizon, in front Dean Clough Reservoir can be seen and over to the right are the tops of Longridge Fell, Beacon Fell and then around to the Forest of Bowland.

On the horizon in front a further footpath sign can be seen along the line of cairns. On reaching this sign, the path bends round to the left and heads up the hill ahead. Path continues upwards over lines of cairns, the path here is not well defined, but on reaching a large cairn the triangulation point is only a further one hundred yards on.

View from summit, Lower Black Moss reservoir on the left, Barley in the centre, and Lower Ogden Reservoir to the rightFrom here there are excellent panoramic views. Longridge and Beacon Fells are now in full view, with Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent clearly visible to the north. Off the side of Pendle Hill, Upper and Lower Black Moss Reservoirs can be seen to the left of Barley, and Lower Ogden Reservoir to the right of Barley. Continue past the triangulation point heading for the wall directly ahead. Just before reaching the wall, turn right and head downhill for about twenty yards to meet a path which comes in from the far side of the wall. Turn right along this path heading back directly away from the wall and start to descend along the side of Pendle Hill. This path is very well defined and mainly consists of man-made steps.

The path down from PendleContinue down these steps heading for the farm buildings at the bottom. Just before reaching the farm (Pendle House), the path bends around to the left and goes down the side of a wall. Continue down the side of the wall, and go through the kissing gate at the bottom. Footpath through this gate splits, straight ahead to Barley Lane and right "1.8km to Barley". Take the right-hand path and continue to the right-hand side of the farmhouses, following sticks with yellow paint on. Upon passing the farm (approximately one hundred yards) there is a sign pointing to the left through a gate, on which there is further yellow tape. Pass through the kissing-gate to the left of the gate and head down the field, where there is a further kissing-gate in the bottom left-hand corner.

View back towards Pendle HillThe plantation to the right (Fell Wood), is the one passed at the start of the walk with Lower Ogden Reservoir in front of it. Continue ahead on the grassy path heading just to the left of the first telegraph pole. Past this, the path descends and immediately climbs where the path becomes very obvious as it is now man-made. Follow this gravel path through a kissing gate and then onwards on a well defined path for about fifty yards down to a house. The whole of Pendle Hill can now be seen behind in the distance. Walk past the front of the house (Brown House). To the left there is another house (Ing Head Farm) and there is a fence separating the two. Go along the line of the fence past (but not over) the cattle grid until a gravel path is reached (where the fence meets the wall). The path here is again gravel and man-made. Follow the path down between the side of the wall and a wire fence, after twenty yards passing through a kissing gate. Continue along this gravel path over a stile, then a wooden foot bridge following the gravel which eventually changes to cobbles just before a metal kissing gate is reached. Pass through this and turn left onto the road.

The road follows round in front of Ing Ends, then the road is flanked on either side by white painted stones. At the end of the stones there are gate posts on either side of the road, but no gate, and footpath with an arrow painted on the road. About thirty yards past the gate-posts go over the wooden bridge which crosses the stream to the right of the road, do not follow the road around to the left. On the far side of the bridge follow the well-defined path that bends around to the left and keeps to the left-hand side of a wall. Continue in the same direction across a field heading for the houses of Barley in front. Pass to the right of the big wooden footbridge with the private sign on, and cross another small narrow footbridge. Ten yards on from the footbridge, pass through the kissing gate with a further yellow arrow on, and continue to the right of the stream along a rocky path. A few yards further the path comes out on the road in Barley. Turn right along the road past the tearooms and Barley Moor restaurant. Just before reaching the Pendle Inn, on the left-hand side go down onto the gravelled pavement that passes the children’s playground. The path bends over the stream and enters the car park.

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