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Circular around Grassington, Linton, Thorpe, Burnsall, and return by the River Wharfe
submitted by Allan Othick from Batley

Parking: Car park in Grassington
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Directions: Get road directions to the parking place here (nearest available location by postcode: BD23 5LB)
Map: Ordnance Survey - Explorer OL2 (Yorkshire Dales - Southern & Western Area)

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Distance: 7 miles (11.2 km)
Grade: 2-B


About this walk

Starting in the car park at Grassington you walk down to Linton falls then slightly up hill to the village of Linton. Linton is an idyllic little village with a green and a pub a stream and an old footbridge. Well worth a visit on its own. Then we climb uphill but this is where looking back we get the views of the dales and Grassington, onto a walled lane with wonderful views, to the village of Thorpe. Down through field after field of open countryside to Burnsall Bridge. Then the walk heads back along the river Wharfe to Grassington.

From the car park at Grassington, which has a nice picnic area, walk down away from the information centre to the stone wall at the bottom left corner of the car park. Here you will go through the gate onto a little walled footpath signposted Linton falls. At the bottom you go across the wooden bridge and after stopping to view the wonderful falls, turn right at the other side. Then left at the junction, which brings you into the little lane.

Turn left towards the church, passing the public toilets and car park on your right. About 100 yards further as you come to the farm on the right, turn right, up a little path. After 50 yards on your right is a signpost for Linton via the B6160. This is the one to follow. There is a wall at one side and a fence at the other. When you come to the road go to the right the bear left at the junction. This will take you to the village of Linton.

Passing the bridge on you right go for about 150 yards where on your left at the farm is a signpost for Thorpe Lane. Passing the new fencing on your right and the farm, go uphill through 3 gates. At the third gate go through then slightly left, heading for the little stone wall to the left woods. It is only a grass path and there is plenty of sheep about, so its not clear but head for the corner and you will be ok. There are fine views all around you at this point.

Follow the path all the way to the stone style in the wall by the ruined barn on the right, which brings you into Thorpe lane. This is a lovely quite walled lane with fine views that takes you into the little village of Thorpe. Keep on till the T-junction then turn right which will take you into Thorpe, bearing left and uphill through the village. On your left is the manor house where the lady who lives there was telling me that she and her husband lived and worked right under the flight path to Heathrow airport for 25 years. Well I think they have earned their bit of peace and quite and god bless them. The lady also said that she loves to see other people walking round because the dales are for everybody to see and experience. Very nice people, so if you see them say hello from me.

At the top of the hill where the road bends to the left you will see a sign for Burnsall one and a half miles. Going down a walled lane with views all around including Simon's Seat straight in front of you.

Keeping on this path passing the woods on your left and over field after field and style after style all the way to Burnsall. Believe me you will not got lost. When you come to the last stone style and the houses in front of you, head for the little electric sub station, here to the left is a tiny little path that takes you out onto the main road to Burnsall.

Turn right into Burnsall and here you can rest for a while. There are shops, cafés and the Red Lion pub, where you can eat drink and be merry, before the walk back. When my grandchildren who are 9 and 12 years old do this walk with us, we always take swimming gear with us, and at this point we let them swim and play in the river for a while before heading back.

With the Red Lion pub on your left, go between it and the bridge down to the riverside, then turning left we start our journey back to Grassington. You will pass Burnsall church, and the old grammar school and a tea garden on your left. Keep on this path and you will come to the gorge where the young people jump 20 to 30 feet down into the river. It all seems quite scary to me.

This path takes you to the wooden suspension bridge over the Wharfe, which we need to cross. After crossing, turn left through the gate, heading up river. Now comes a very pleasing walk all the way back to Linton falls and Grassington. Under some fine old conker trees my grandchildren love taking pocketfuls of conkers back, when the time is right. There is some lovely spots to rest a while on the way back and all one as to do is follow the path back to the start.

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